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ENERH2O will take place on the 27th and 28th of September 2023 at the Exponor Exhibitions – Porto International Fair.

This specialized Business-to-Business event fills a gap in the market and presents the latest solutions for the management and use of water and energy.

It aims to be an important business platform for the industrial sector of water and energy technology. It brings together a complete range of equipment, products and services, offering novelties and intelligent and innovative solutions.

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Energy and water are indispensable resources for life and well-being, and for economic and social development.

Currently the climate changes, the search for sustainable development, scarcity of resources and geopolitical changes have had strong implications. This leads to a new paradigm that requires a behavior change related to efficient resources management, in the public and private domains.

Regarding this, R&D and technology play a major role to improve efficiency and sustainability in the use of these resources.


Simultaneous implementation provides greater integration and economies of scale, filling an existing gap and taking advantage of existing synergies between suppliers and buyers.

In addition to the novelty and the response to specific market needs, the new value proposition will be consolidated through: specialization; focus; discussion of critical issues; trends analysis; and the existence of a critical mass.

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Technical information


Equipment, products, technology and services for the water and renewable energy industry


Water, renewable energy and smart energy


27th and 28th of September 2023

Opening hours:

From 10am to 7pm


Exponor Exhibition Centre – Porto International Fair, Portugal


Biennial, 1st edition




Open to:

Professionals over 16 years old. Free entry but subject to registration on the website.

Potential exhibitors:
» Manufacturers, representatives and importers of equipment, technology and services for the management and use of water;

» Water supply / abstraction, transport and storage / treatment, distribution and reuse / analysis and instrumentation / irrigation system / water efficiency / new water resources (desalination, rainwater, etc.) / piping systems, pumps, taps and intelligent systems;

» Company water suppliers and distributors;

» Manufacturers, representatives and importers of smart energy and renewable energy technology and equipment;

» Energy efficiency and management, renewable energies (wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, hydrogen, etc.);

» Specialized consulting firms;

» Sector associations;

» Universities;

» City councils.

Potential visitors:
» Local administration;

» Professionals who work in the capture, treatment, distribution and management of water;

» Installers and representatives of water supply, sanitation and distribution of water and energy equipment companies;

» Construction companies for water treatment plants;

» Contractors and construction companies;

» Engineering and consulting;

» Architects;

» Managers of companies that want to improve energy efficiency and reduce water consumption;

» Responsible for environmental, operations and production departments.

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